WIP Wednesday

I only worked on one project this week. I blame my lack of productivity on being incredibly busy and my love of self striping yarn. You can tell that I have developed a project bag problem as I was able to pull out a holiday specific project bag for the occasion.

I did manage to do a tiny bit of sewing today, My Aldi quarter keeper was falling apart, so I decided to see if I could sew through fake leather. I didn’t even change the thread in my machine, so it doesn’t match, but I’m still proud of fixing it.

I am itching to cast on a sweater. I’ve been haunting Ravelry and Blueprint looking for ideas. I always add things to my queue on Ravelry, but I never want to make them when it is time to cast on.

I hope you are having a great week and feeling productive.

Tikka Masala Meal Kit

I am super excited because tonight John and I are heading out for a date night. We get to eat sushi and drink wine and there will be no one there asking “Why?” about everything she sees and no one throwing sippy cups of milk and then screaming “DAT’S A GAME.” At least I really hope John doesn’t start doing those things.

Going out to eat is a nice treat. I cook most of our meals. Most nights John and I eat later than the kids, which means I cook four meals a day. I like cooking, but by the fourth meal I just don’t care. I need a break. Which is why, when I stumbled upon meal kids at Aldi for Indian food I snapped one up.20180603_1850222148657.jpg

I love Indian food, but we rarely get it. Our favorite restaurant is out-of-the-way, so we end up choosing easier options. Lately we’ve been eating Trader Joe’s freezer meals if we want an Indian food fix. I have made it from scratch, but that takes a lot of time. My hope was this box would provide at home like Indian food in much less time that was better than freezer food.


My review: It was fine. It took little effort. It was inexpensive (I think around $3 for the box). It made five servings. I felt the rice was sufficient, but I would have liked more chicken. I always want more chicken though, so that isn’t exactly surprising (that should be on my tombstone – “she wanted more chicken.”). I’ll probably get it again, as it seems like a good thing to have in my cupboard for nights that I don’t know what to cook. I would not recommend getting this if you want delicious Indian food.

Do you have anything you keep in your cupboard for nights you don’t feel like cooking?


5 things on Friday: Aldi

Every Friday I’m going to share five things I think you should know about. I’m going to start with 5 things from one of my favorite stores – Aldi.

I love a bargain. Clothes, shoes, you name it, I love a good deal. One place I love to go to score a great deal is Aldi. I make a trip monthly to stock up on my favorite products. They are high quality and much cheaper than the grocery store, Target, or even Costco.

Applesauce Pouches

My absolute favorite thing to buy at Aldi is applesauce pouches. They are less than $2 for a box of 4. They go in my diaper bag for an easy snack stash and are added to meals as a treat. I love the apple strawberry pouches, so I get more of those than any other flavor. These are delicious, and a great way to get some fruit on the go.


Mini Bear Grahams

I have a toddler, so these are a must buy.  These generic Teddy Grahams are just as good as the real deal, but are much cheaper. I like that they come in individual packs. These are a special treat, so if I had to open a big box they would go stale before we finished them. These go into my diaper bag and are really good at preventing meltdowns when Audrey is tired.


Little Journey Fruit and Veggie Pouches

This fall Aldi came out with a line of baby and toddler products. My favorite items are the Little Journeys fruit and veggie pouches. It is hard to get Audrey to eat vegetables, but she has never turned down a pouch. At around $.80 for an organic pouch it is a steal. I rarely see fruit and veggie pouches for less than $1.


She loves the pouches so much she started picking one for lunch as soon as she discovered the stash. I would prefer that she eat her vegetables, but for now pouches work for us.


Raisin Cinnamon Bread

I love this stuff. Audrey loves this stuff. It is great toasted with butter. It’s even better made into french toast. I only buy one loaf each trip, but if Elliot ends up liking is as much as Audrey and I do we will be buying two loaves each trip soon.


Dubliner Cheese

Audrey isn’t the only one that gets snacks when I go to Aldi. I also get a treat for me. I love Dubliner cheese, and Aldi has it for under $4. I like to keep this stocked for snacking. It’s also a great addition to a cheese plate when friends come over (yes, I always have cheese plate supplies).


What are your must buy Aldi items? Are there any Friday Fives you would like to hear about? Please share your ideas with me.