Knitting SNAFU

I was working on my shawl this morning and was just about to start the second section when I noticed I was off by a stitch. One stitch I can fudge, in a row of 167 stitches no one will notice an extra stitch. Then I counted the stitches on each side of the center. Instead of having 83 stitches on each side I had 81 on one side and 86 on the other. I then looked at the shawl to see where I made my mistake. I couldn’t find the exact spot, but I did notice that my last section of stockinette is longer than the other sections. Four whole rows longer.20190512_2130281498357213884604438.jpg

I can ignore having one extra stitch. I can even ignore having the wrong number of stitches on each side – I know where the pattern goes and I know it will look fine. I just don’t know if I can live with one section slightly longer than the other section.

Is it worth tearing out a significant portion of my work for something no one else will likely notice? I’m working from two different skeins, alternating every other row, so tearing that out will be a huge pain, especially because I am pulling from the center of the cake instead of the outside.

I don’t want to frog it back. I’m not sure I’ll be happy if I don’t frog it. I fear the shawl is going to go back into hibernation. You will see it again this fall when I get the courage to look at it again. Unless, of course, you convince me that it will look even better if I keep it the way that it is.

skinnytaste Week 19

This week I made grilled chicken bruschetta. This recipe is a keeper! It is basically grilled chicken with caprese salad on top. You can’t go wrong with that. It was easy, fast, and looks fancy. John and I decided that we will make it when we want to make a light dish for company.

If you like grilled chicken and caprese salad you should give this recipe a try.

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been in a knitting rut. Luckily I agreed to knit a friend some mittens, so I am currently working on a pair of worsted mittens. Easy mittens are a nice palate cleanser for me. I get to take a break from my main projects and breeze through a project. I should have these finished tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much knitting I get done today. The pattern is House Mitts by Galt House of Yarn. If I make these again I’ll change the decreases, but other than that I like the pattern.20190508_1442068822332687350529053.jpg

I’ve only knit a few rows on my shawl, so I’m not bothering with a picture this week.

My sock is slowly moving along. I hope to get to the heel tomorrow. 20190508_1442393721586467109427459.jpg

I hope I get my knitting mojo back soon.I have a lot of things I want to knit and no desire to sit down and knit.

MyDMPL con

On Sunday we headed out as a family to the central branch of the Des Moines Public Library for myDMPL con – a family-friendly festival for fans of all fandoms. Costumes were encouraged, so the kids dressed up. Elliot went with his Mickey Mouse costume, Audrey went with her llama costume. John and I went with nerdy t shirts.

I was not expecting the crowd at the library. There were hundreds of people outside of the library watching luchadores fight. We walked past some storm troopers. It was exciting to see so many people enjoying the library.

We were there over two hours and only visited a few of the seven areas they had set up. There were several free craft areas, so Audrey was in heaven. She had the best day.

Elliot was happy with LEGO and water beads. He also humored my by pretending to be Dr. Who.

John and I also had fun. He got his picture taken with the kids by the TARDIS and I got my picture taken with Audrey and Wonder Woman (Elliot was scared of Wonder Woman). Wonder Woman told me she is not a knitter, which makes me kind of sad. I bet Captain Marvel knits.

After a couple of hours we decided to head out. We parked by the sculpture park, so we took some time to wander through. It was a perfect spring day and it was great to spend it as a family.

skinnytaste Week 18

This week I made 3-Bean Turkey Chili in the pressure cooker. This was less of a “let me look at the website and my cookbooks and find something that looks good” recipe and more of a “oh crap, I need to feed the kids dinner in an hour what the heck do I have in the house to cook” kind of recipe.

This chili is good. Is it as good as John’s chili? No (but nothing comes close to his amazing chili). This is quick, healthy chili. I almost always have the ingredients on hand, so this will go into my recipe stash for quick dinners from the pantry (it’s so cute that I call it a pantry, it’s really one shelf in the kitchen and a bookshelf of staples in the basement. Our house is so freaking small).

I’m pretty sure we will have this at least once a month next winter. The more I use the multi cooker the more I like it. I’ve gone from thinking of it as an expensive hard boiled egg maker to thinking of it as an appliance that is almost as lovely as my crock pot.

When I make this again I’m going to add a bag of frozen corn in. I will increase the spices. I might add some shredded carrots too (when we buy them at Costco I look for any way to use them up).

What do you like to add to your chili? What are your favorite chili toppings?