Gettin’ Thrifty Wit It

The house is full of sick kids and we are the the bleak gray days of winter phase. I needed a break today, so I headed to Goodwill. I love thrifting. It appeals to my cheapskate side. It appeals to my don’t like to try it on side. It appeals to my environmentalist side.

I headed into the store with one goal: buy a blanket to put in Bramble’s kennel. I had a 30% off coupon in my pocket that I was hoping to use. I was met with a busy store full of things to look at. It was so full of people I didn’t even get to look at the kitchen area (which is OK, because I have a lot of kitchen stuff already. How much stuff? I have a backup waffle iron in the basement just in case my primary waffle iron dies.).

I spent $23.97 ($34.24 before my coupon). I picked up a summer dress, a new pair of jeans, a pair of capri seersucker pants and a pair of shorts. It is the middle of January in the Midwest, but I’m already looking forward to summer. I found a small roof rack, perfect for carrying bulky camping items, for under $5. I also found a blanket for the kennel.

I love thrifting. I could not justify going out and buying a bunch of clothes for myself at the mall, but I can do it at Goodwill.

Do you like to thrift? Have you found any good deals lately?

FO Friday: Colorwork for the Whole Family

I’ve been busy with life and mental health and family and just not wanting to write, but lately I’ve been missing you, so I thought I would fill you in on a few recent FOs (I hope you have missed my run on sentences).

I’ve been feeling colorwork lately, and everyone in my house has benefited. None of the objects in the photos were blocked before I took the pictures.

Fair Isle Advent MKAL for Audrey. I had so much fun knitting a little bit of colorwork every day in December leading up to Christmas. This was going to be for me, but Audrey asked for it and I have about 500 cowls, so I gave it to her.

Holiday Doodle Cowl for me. What can I say? I love knitting colorwork, wearing cowls, and doing KALs with Marilee and Alissa. Why yes, that is another colorwork cowl in the background of this picture.

Train Cowl for Elliot. Last week Elliot came to me crying because he wanted a cowl like Audrey. So I made him one with trains on it. There are no train cowl patterns that I could find, so I adapted a stocking pattern. It is big on him, but he doesn’t care. He picked the colors and decided on the motifs. He wanted blue and white stripes and black ribbing on the bottom. If you are wondering what is up with the yellow train in the drawing behind him, it is a Lego train, so those are studs on top of the bricks.

Ingress Hat for John. John plays a game called Ingress obsessively. I found a pattern for a hat. I didn’t have black fingering weight in my stash, so I texted a friend who likes to knit colorwork too. She had some and dropped it off the next morning (what service! I owe her some wine). This had was simultaneously fun to knit and annoying to knit. It was my first time working a Latvian braid, and I really liked seeing it come together. I am glad I made the hat, but I hope I never have to make another one. I don’t like black yarn or really long floats. John has yet to wear it, as it is blocking. Elliot was kind enough to model it for me, but only if he could make a face.

Bramble didn’t ask for a cowl or a hat, so I made her a sweater.

Have you been stuck on a knitting technique lately?

Finished Hat

I made a hat with the targhee DK from Mitchell Wool Co. that I picked up in Wisconsin. I think the colorway is bonfire or campfire or something. I think a better name is straw bales and corn pools. The hat is smooshy and I love it.

Friday Flair

I wear Crocs around the house. They are comfortable and keep my feet happy. I was thrilled when I discovered Kitty with a Cupcake sells knitting croc charms. They arrived today, and my ugly banana crocs have never looked cuter.

I recommend both a pair of Crocs as house shoes and the knitting charms.

West Bend, IA

This morning the kids and I got in the car and headed to my Dad’s hometown. It is a small town about two hours away that is home to the world’s largest grotto. I spent a lot of time in West Bend as a kid, but have not spent much time there since my grandparents died. My aunt and uncle live and West Bend, and they spent the day showing us around.

We visited the sod house at the historical museum. It was a timely visit, as we are reading On The Banks of Plum Creek, where Laura and her family live in a dug out for the first part of the book. I’m very glad I don’t have to live in a sod house.

We went to lunch at the Wagon Wheel, a tasty place that serves so many fries with your meal I left what would be considered two baskets of fries at most places on my plate. Audrey was cold, so she snuggled with Bob and Patti.

At the Grotto I showed Audrey the pond where I learned how to ice skate. Every time we saw the pond I told her about it. She found it really annoying, so I kept doing it.

I showed them the best place to hide when playing hide and go seek in a shrine. It’s Jesus’ empty coffin. I feel just a tad sacrilegious typing that. My cousins and I used to play the best games in the grotto.

Please note Elliot’s new shoes. An hour and a half into the trip Elliot realized he forgot to put on shoes. We had to run to Target to get him shoes.

I showed them my favorite room in the grotto.

After the grotto we headed to the local soda fountain. I had a real soda fountain cherry coke. Audrey tried a root beer float. It was a good time all around.

Once we were hyped up on ice cream and soda we got back in the car and headed home. It was a nice visit, and I’m glad we were able to spend time with my aunt and uncle.