Sock It To Me Monday

It’s slow going on these socks, but I found lots of time to knit throughout the day today. We are getting more warm days, which will hopefully lead to more patio knitting for me.

I finished the gusset at knit night tonight, but I figured the picture from this afternoon is close enough. I hope to be on the second sock next week, but I’m finding myself easily distracted by projects lately, so we shall see.

How are your socks going?

Sock Quiz

Karen, over at NothingButKnit has a sock quiz up over on her blog. I always love reading the responses to her quiz, and I am sharing my answers here.

  • Do you knit/crochet socks?
  • If yes, how long have you been making them? If no, why not?
  • What is your preferred method? Top down, toe up? Which needles? Do you have a preferred heel type?
  • Have you gifted socks? Were they worn, loved and appreciated?
  • Could you make nothing but socks for the rest of your life and be happy?
  • One of the most addictive things about sock knitting is the amazing selection of fingering weight yarn that is available. What is your favorite yarn for socks? Do you prefer solid or multicolor yarn? Do you have a fiber preference?

I knit socks. I almost always have a pair of socks on the needles. I keep meaning to cast on a pair just to keep in the car, for all of the times that I’m unexpectedly in a situation where I can knit.

I’ve been making them for a decade. I started my first pair on March 21, 2010.

My preferred method is top town. I magic loop on a size 1 or 1.5. I like a heel flap and gusset. I’ve done toe up, but I don’t like the increases. I’ve tried two at a time, but I got flustered. I can use DPNs, but I drop them a lot, so I like magic loop.

I have gifted socks. They have been worn enthusiastically. I tend to make socks for the same people over and over again.

I would probably miss making sweaters and hats, but I think for the most part I would be happy just knitting socks.

I am happy knitting socks with most yarn. I like superwash yarn with nylon. I like 100% wool socks, I find if the wool is rustic they don’t wear out that quickly. I like non-superwash socks. I have a pair of wool/mohair socks that I adore. I like solids. I like stripes. I like bold colors. I like it all. I also have it all, as most of my stash is sock yarn.

Do you knit socks? I would love to know your answers to these questions too.

WIP Wednesday

All I have on the needles is a ribbed sock. I’m making socks as a graduation present for my niece. I told her I would make her anything and she requested ribbed socks. These were supposed to be my March cast on, but I needed some mindless knitting for when we are out and about, so I cast them on early.

I’ll be starting a pair of slippers as soon as I print the pattern, as I finally had to throw my worn through pair away. The hole grew too big to bother to wear them. I don’t wear shoes in the house and always wear slippers, so I’ll focus on getting them done quickly.

What are you working on this week?

Toasty Mittens

I finished my Dreyma mittens today. They might look familiar, as I made a nearly identical pair for my sister for Christmas. I made one change when knitting my mittens, I added an inch to the cuff. I want my wrists to stay nice and toasty.

These mittens are knit out of Ístex Léttlopi on US 4 needles, so they should be incredibly warm. I hope I don’t have to use them until next year, but I live in Iowa and it is February, so I’ll probably need them soon.

I hope you are working on a project you enjoy.

So Many Great Things

I should be writing a Sock It To Me Monday post, but I have too many things to tell you about and no photos of my sock, so you get run on sentences full of excitement instead.

Yesterday I went to a friend’s birthday party. She throws the best parties. Last year on her birthday we painted fox canvases. She threw an amazing BINGO party last spring, just because. This year it was a paint your own pottery party. I painted a yarn bowl and got some knitting done, all while eating the best monster cookie ever. And I was able to spend time with some of my best friends. It was so great I didn’t even mind when I got a text from the owner telling me my yarn bowl broke and I would have to come back in to make a new one.

Later that night, John and I went on a date. We ended up at the 80s and 90s themed pub in our neighborhood, because there isn’t much walkable that is open on a Sunday night. I enjoyed the pizza we shared, and the spicy ranch oyster crackers were really great to snack on, but the bar is so popular it was crowded and loud. I felt so old, wishing they would turn the music down. We did get a nice walk in before dinner, and it was nice enough to leave our coats at home.

This morning a friend came over for coffee and we sat around chatting for a couple of hours. It was wonderful. I love it when my day starts with conversation and friendship.

It was nice enough today for us to go to the park in fleeces. The kids were a lot happier to play without bulky layers.

When we got home from the park the last of my birthday yarn from John had arrived. I’m planning to make the Arachne sweater later this year, with significant changes to make it more appropriate for my Middle Aged Mid-Western body. I am going to be the coolest mom at the pumpkin patch this fall with my spider sweater and sugar skull dress.

Are you a podcast person? Have you listened to The Happiness Lab with Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos? It is amazing. I learn something from every episode that I can use to make my life happier, and I already consider myself a happy person. Please listen to this podcast and tell me how much you love it. Because you will love it.

Have a great Monday. I promise to tell you all about my current socks later this week.

FO Friday

In addition to completing the disco muppet, I also finished the Midas Hat I’ve been working on. Unlike the other pattern, this is one that I highly recommend and will be making again. I had been thinking about a sockhead hat for myself, but I think I’ll do a Midas instead because I really like the brim.

I love how this yarn knit up. It looks beautiful. It also crocked more than any yarn I’ve ever worked with. I soaked it several times, and hope that it will stop rubbing off on skin now. If not, I’m pretty sure my niece will never wear it.

In super wonderful news: my license and credit card were found and turned in to the zoo. I have both now. I’m relieved and happy. I took the kids out for tacos to celebrate.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!