WIP Wednesday

This week is flying by for me. Luckily, it feels like my knitting is flying along too.

I’m working my way down the leg of the second sock. I’m hopeful I’ll get to the heel flap today.

I’ve finished knitting the first pocket lining of the Throughstone sweater. I would be steeking it today, but I didn’t bring the right size of crochet hook to secure the steek. I used magic loop on this lining, but I’ll be switching to DPNs for the second lining. It is the first time I will have used DPNs in years, so wish me luck. I really like that the pocket linings are used as the colorwork gauge swatch.

What are you working on this week?

March Cast On

My March cast on was originally scheduled to be Ellie’s graduation socks, but I started them early. I decided to make my March cast on the Throughstone Sweater. My colors choices are unusual for me (other than the teal).

The brown and purple are very similar in tone, but they won’t be used at the same time so I’m going with it.

It might seem odd to start a colorwork yoke sweater the month before the Arachne KAL starts, but there are several new to me techniqes I want to try out before I start knitting my Arachne with dreamy yarn.

I have completed the gauge swatch for this sweater. I knit a flat gauge swatch, as I normally scoff at swatching in the round. My gauge was so off I decided to try swatching in the round. I tried the technique where you use two circular needles of different sizes to knit a tube, knitting two swatch sizes at a time. While knitting that swatch I became paranoid that I wouldn’t remember the size of needles that I was using, or which needle I used on which side (yes, I realize the smaller the needle the more stitches I’ll end up with, but when I’m looking at gauge I’m easily flustered and confused). I decided to purl the number of stitches of the size of the needle I was using. It was very helpful, and I’ll be doing it again.

The pocket linings are used as the colorwork gauge swatches. I’ll be starting them soon, just as soon as I work up the courage.

Are you casting on anything new this month?

Clown Shoes

I finished my slippers. They were a quick knit, and I love the shape. I used the Women’s Felted Slippers pattern by Monique Rae. In the past I’ve made a lot of Duffers – Revisited, but after knitting these I will be making more Women’s Felted Slippers.

The slippers are too wide for how I would normally like my slippers, giving them a bit of a clown shoe vibe. It is my fault, not the pattern. I used bulky wool instead of worsted. I just knit a smaller size and hoped for the best. I didn’t change needles or knit a gauge swatch because they are slippers and I’m lazy.

These slippers are knit holding two yarns together. I knit the first slipper changing the yarn combination every two inches, alternating pinks and purples, to create a variegated look. I was using four colors of wool. By the time I knit the second slipper I was sick of doing that, so I just knit with two colors until the yarn ran out and switched colors at that point. It worked out fine. I should have been lazy from the start.

I’m happy with my new slippers. My MIL gets new slippers every Christmas, so she will getting a pair of these this year. Do you make slippers?

FO Friday

This week I was able to finish a project. I made two Winter Walk hats. I made one for myself last month, but I ended up giving it to Jess when we went to brunch. I knew I wanted to make myself another Winter Walk, because I love the hat. I realized I had the yarn and the poms to make two more that match the hat I gave to Jess. I decided to knit two more Winter Walks so that Ivy and I can match Jess when we go to brunch later this month.

Do you ever give your knits away randomly? I often give away hats or cowls I’m wearing if a friend likes it. I know I can make another one. Jess is the same way, which is how I got my favorite mittens.