April Review

We stay pretty busy, so I thought I would start recapping each month. It will be e a quick way for me to look at what we’ve done. When I look at this list I understand why I’m tired every night.

April 1 The kids had a party at a trampoline park.

April 2 – We went to the Lion King with John’s parents and sister’s family.

April 3 We visited an arboretum and played outside with friends

April 4-6 We went to Cedar Falls to visit my parents.

April 7-9 We headed to Kansas City to visit my brother, visit Legoland, and see Kirsten.

April 11 I dyed yarn with egg dye.

April 12 The kids tried fishing, which turned into our first beach day of the year

April 13 Elliot got his hair cut.

April 14 Elliot turned seven! We went to a local resort to play in the pools.

April 16 The kids went to a party at Pump It Up.

April 17 We celebrated Bat Appreciation Day with our coop.

April 19 We hiked and saw the second snake of the year. I went for years without seeing snakes, but now I’m actually out in nature enough to see them.

April 21 We had a coop class outside. It was cold enough for winter coats, but Elliot played barefoot in the sand.

April 22 We had a family birthday party for Elliot. It was a full house. I made a gallon of grasshoppers mid party. They were gone within an hour.

April 23-25 We cabin camped. Elliot skinned his face. We saw the northern lights. Elliot got to use his croc lights.

April 27 We had a homeschool party. Audrey loved it. Elliot and I had the opposite reaction.

April 28 Girl Scout Day at the Capitol

April 29 My spinning guild had a fiber festival, so I supported them

April 30 The kids had a pool party

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