Girl Scout Day at the Capitol

Today Audrey and I were able to experience Girl Scout Day at the capitol. It was really cool.

We met the governor as she was walking to her office. I do not know if she used to be a Girl Scout. I do know that she wears very nice blazers and does not agree with me on any social issues.

After some crafts (see Audrey’s supreme court collar decorating above) we went on a tour. It was a tour that was about an hour longer than my attention span. It is a pretty building, but I don’t really need to know how they change the lightbulbs in the house chandeliers (if you want to know, ask. I can answer that question for you now).

After our time at the capitol we headed to the cupcake store, as we both needed a treat after our busy day.

We get to do so many cool activities with Girl Scouts. I’m incredibly thankful to help out and tag along at fun activities.

A word on my blog: I’ve decided to use it more as a journal than a knitting diary. I like writing about all aspects of my life, so I’m going to do it. I’ll still have knitting content, but you will see more life content in future posts.

13 thoughts on “Girl Scout Day at the Capitol

  1. I also love what scouting offers to girls. BTW Bill and i visited your state capitol building, but it was during COVID, not open to the public. We did enjoy walking and photographing the grounds and exterior.

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  2. That is a happy Girl Scout! What a great experience 🙂 I loved being a scout too – so many opportunities and so much encouragement for girls. Even if the governor does not agree with you, that is a pretty great blazer. And also – woman governor!

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  3. I’ve always liked that your blog was more than just knitting – activities with the children, gardening, cooking, etc. If mine were really just kayaking, I wouldn’t post much – if at all! – in the winter! Diverse interests make us more interesting.

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  4. I like the window into your life posts be it what you are up to with the kids, baking, planting, visits, hikes and tours. I’m here for it all, but I don’t need to know how they change the lightbulbs so thanks for keeping us guessing on that one 😉

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