Unlikable Handspun

I finished some handspun that looks like the sort of yarn I would have made when I started spinning. I’m going to complain about this yarn for a bit now. This merino top is the WI Sheep & Wool 2022 colorway from KnitzAndPearls Fiberworks. I had a very hard time with this spin. At first I thought I had forgotten how to spin merino. Given how often I spin merino that didn’t seem likely. Eventually I figured out the fiber was felted in parts. The pink and the rust were felted and made it really hard to spin. By the time I figured out that it was felted I knew I could work through it if I tried, so I did.

In the end I have 250 yards of worsted weight yarn in a color I don’t like. My mom likes it though, and she has requested mittens in this yarn. Given that it was almost entirely spun at her house that seems fair.

I now have a new braid of merino on my wheel and it is spinning up beautifully. It feels good to have a good spin going after one that made me pull my hair out.

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