WIP Roundup

I have what feels like 1000WIPs at the moment. I actually only have five.

I have part of a sleeve of a Dude sweater. I do not work on this enough. I hope to have two Dude sweaters done next fall.

I’m working on a Northeasterly blanket in worsted weight yarn. I work on this while I watch the news or don’t have the brain space for thinkey knitting (that happens a lot, my friends).

I’m working on a Turkana sweater. By “working on” I mean it has been on the needles since I was pregnant with Elliot. You know, the kid who turns seven on Friday? I’ll eventually finish this sweater. I like it a lot, it is just a tad too boring to think about working on right now.

I’m using a pin loom to weave a square every morning. It will eventually be a blanket. Probably around the time I finish the Turkana, if I’m being honest.

I’m making a Mickey and Minnie cowl for my niece. When my favorite three year old calls me to ask for a something hand knit you can bet I’m going to get started on it right away. In fact, I’ve now started this thing three times. The pattern is sized for an adult and it is double knit. I don’t mind double knitting, but I’m using mohair, so it seemed like it would be extra annoying. I started knitting a tube to graft together (like my holiday doodle or Reywa cowl). After a few inches I realized that was going to be a lot of work for something with really long floats. I’m hoping knitting a single layer cowl will work out. We shall see.

I also have a pair of socks on the go for swim lessons, but the pool has been so hot I haven’t touched them.

What are you working on?

9 thoughts on “WIP Roundup

  1. I had so many projects going I had trouble counting them all. I bought a kit to knit a new sweater by Joji Locatelli, but I’m forcing myself to get through the bulk of the works in progress first. I cleared some really small ones (a hat, a PICC line cover, and a pair of socks), but now I’m slugging along on a blanket that it turning into a full counterpane, so I’m not going to get to the sweater for a while. I’m so happy to have the new socks, and I’m struggling to resist casting on another pair. I mean, don’t you think I should have a small, portable project going…

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  2. CA says:

    I have the ambitious shawl, and started another crochet octopus yesterday for a portable project. I have a different ambitious shawl waiting for my return, and a tee that wasn’t working out and was therefore hidden away…

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  3. I have a pair of Greek socks going, one at the dining room table, and one by my bed, and Orkney downstairs. I still have more socks for DH to do, and charity hats until I run out of yarn, but I really want to start a cotton cardigan that is a spring blue…not until I get the sewing room under control, multiple projects there…they keep multiplying!

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