Spring Equinox Shenanigans

Yesterday was Spring Equinox, and due to my complete lack of foresight I overbooked the heck out of it. It was a crazy busy day, filled with fun.

For our homeschool co-op I plan a party for the changing of the seasons. Rain or shine, summer or winter, the party is held in my backyard. We have a fire. The kids play. There are lots of snacks.

After the party I had time for a shower and a quick dinner before my next party started. I had a vision board party; I got together with friends to update our vision boards. Mostly we drank wine and told stories, but there was some updating too.

The vision board party was a small group of my friends from different areas of my life. It was such a good group I think we will get together quarterly to pretend to update our vision boards. One of my friends shared important advice that I will leave you with: never shoot a pistol in a low cut top. Apparently cartridges hurt when they pop into your cleavage.

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