And then I said screw it.

I’ve been working on the Stephen West MKAL since October. Well, I had been. Today I admitted to myself that I don’t enjoy knitting it any longer. I recognized that it is an object I would never wear. So I decided to frog it.

I frogged the green bits on the edges before I realized the rest was finished with an i cord bind off. I gave up and threw it in the trash. I feel so free now. This project was weighing me down, and it felt good to let go of it.

Tomorrow is the equinox, so it feels like an appropriate time to let some things go. Are you planning on letting go of anything?

11 thoughts on “And then I said screw it.

  1. I think the equinox seems a good time to start getting rid of the 7lb I have put on since the last equinox 🙀. I wasn’t particularly struck on your project, he clearly is an inventive designer but it was a bit too wacky for me. I’ve never tried unpicking icord so that’s interesting it’s tricky

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  2. Wow, I can just see the triumphant smile on your face when you trash binned the shawl. I have a scrappy blanket I detest and jave not worked on in a year. Me thinks it needs to go far far away from my crafting bin and into my trash bin.

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