Joy In a Box

I have a shameful area in my kitchen: the kids dishes area. The cupboard is crowded with plastic cups, a few plates we haven’t donated yet, and lots of water bottles. The plastic cups and plates will be gone eventually, but the water bottles are here to stay. With four active people in the house, we are always reaching for a water bottle. Water bottles are great, they allow us to take water with us wherever we go. Water bottles are awful, they are awkwardly large and end up falling over and creating a mess in the cupboard.

Today I received some water bottle holders from Amazon. My water bottles are organized! It is going to be easier to keep the other kids things organized. When the kids things are gone we will sill have a space to keep the water bottles together. I’m thirilled.

What helps you stay organized? Do you have any tips to share?

10 thoughts on “Joy In a Box

  1. What helps me stay organised you ask…hmmm…my mind is empty…it just took me 3 days to find my 2 spindles I’d misplaced so I guess I’ve no great tips. We only have 3 water bottles in the house so I’m ok on those but if you could come up with a solution for Tupperware lids and containers I’ll love you even more. I swear mine are breeding in the cupboard.

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  2. What a great organizing tool! You’re right – water bottles are really hard to keep orderly. I think for me it would be some slide-out drawers we installed in our kitchen island cupboards. Before you had to crawl all the way in there to get stuff in the back, so we had stuff expiring all the time. Because it was that or just put stuff in the front of the cabinet. Then we installed the slide-outs and it make the cabinets work perfectly.

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      1. I hear you on that! I don’t think I’ve had a kitchen I’ve liked ever. It would be so great to be able to redo one to make it exactly what you want. But boy is it expensive!


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