Gettin’ Thrifty Wit It

The house is full of sick kids and we are the the bleak gray days of winter phase. I needed a break today, so I headed to Goodwill. I love thrifting. It appeals to my cheapskate side. It appeals to my don’t like to try it on side. It appeals to my environmentalist side.

I headed into the store with one goal: buy a blanket to put in Bramble’s kennel. I had a 30% off coupon in my pocket that I was hoping to use. I was met with a busy store full of things to look at. It was so full of people I didn’t even get to look at the kitchen area (which is OK, because I have a lot of kitchen stuff already. How much stuff? I have a backup waffle iron in the basement just in case my primary waffle iron dies.).

I spent $23.97 ($34.24 before my coupon). I picked up a summer dress, a new pair of jeans, a pair of capri seersucker pants and a pair of shorts. It is the middle of January in the Midwest, but I’m already looking forward to summer. I found a small roof rack, perfect for carrying bulky camping items, for under $5. I also found a blanket for the kennel.

I love thrifting. I could not justify going out and buying a bunch of clothes for myself at the mall, but I can do it at Goodwill.

Do you like to thrift? Have you found any good deals lately?

17 thoughts on “Gettin’ Thrifty Wit It

  1. What a lovely dress you found and so many other bargains. I just don’t enjoy clothes shopping of any kind so avoid it, the Red Cross shop in our town I probably half filled with items I’ve donated over the years. We don’t have thrift shops here, they are all charity shops selling 2nd hand items. Perhaps in fancier areas of the country they have shops selling 2nd hand for profit but not where I live. To that people use online like Facebook marketplace, eBay or Vinted.

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  2. I adore shopping at thrift stores. My daughter is an absolute genius at sourcing the family’s wardrobe from them. Recently at the St. Vincent de Paul store in Madison, I picked up a pullover in pink and dark green in a cotton and silk blend. It is gorgeous and warm! I’m sure I paid less than $10 for it.

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  3. Great bargains! We often shop dvds at the thrift stores. My best deal though was a couple of months back when I found a brand night white dress shirt for $4 and a Pendleton skirt with tags for $3.50!! (The tag said $148)🥳

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  4. Bobbie Jean says:

    One thing that still freaks me out is wearing used clothing. Trying on clothing in stores often poses problems too. The clothes feel soiled. It began when I was a kid. An aunt introduced our mother to thrifting. Mom bought me a pair of pajamas–practically brand new but I hated them. They felt creepy.

    I’ve never been able to enter a thrift store without being overwhelmed by the “auras” that cling to everything. I loved shopping for old books but could not get over the dirty feeling that permeated the Goodwills and thrift shops. My daughter gave me a used camera from the forties. Seven years later–it’s still hidden in a closet. I cannot touch it without scrubbing my hands. LOL.

    I can’t shake hands with some people because their hands feel dirty. The feelings are often justified. Bad people who do bad things give off bad vibes.

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