Little House in the Big Woods

The kids and I just finished Little House in the Big Woods, so we decided to go visit Pepin, WI and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthplace.

We visited the museum in town and visited the cabin (reproduction) on the original homestead.

We visited the shore of Lake Pepin and collected rocks, just like Laura. Unlike Laura, we did not collect so many that we tore the pocket out of our skirts. The museum gave the kids little bags to put the rocks in.

While at the museum we picked up a new passport. We’re pretty excited to add more stamps.

On our way home we stopped in Decorah to have coffee with my niece.

It was a long day of driving, but it was filled with fun and the audio book of Little House on the Prarie.

17 thoughts on “Little House in the Big Woods

      1. kayleejsunshine says:

        My mom, sister and I stayed there! I was shocked that the people at the gas station didn’t know the directions to the dear-to-me homestead of Laura Ingalls, and then shocked again that we arrived two minutes later with directions. In the book the walk into DeSmet was so long, but of course, only 2 miles by car is nothing at all.

        I hope you get to go, they have the reproduced house with tar paper on the walls and everything.


      1. It is a book series that has a lot to it. There’s a lot of American history in there, albeit of a very one-sided nature. And you are doing a lot to sort of build on that and present the other side. And it’s interesting reading about how people lived.

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  1. Oh my goodness – I LOVED Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid – I read the books and faithfully watched the TV show! I will never forgot from one of the books the series in which they took a bath (all sharing the same water) – first the kids, then Ma, then Pa. I always think – ewwww – Pa had to bathe in everyone else’s water! (okay funny the things you remember reading).

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  2. I was in DeSmet years ago and just visited the Kansas place outside Independence today (though it was closed and we couldn’t see in but was able to walk the property and read information signs). Going to see the house south of Springfield tomorrow! Thinking about winding up in Wisconsin before heading back home to PA next week!


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