Wisconsin Sheep and Wool 2022

I went to Wisconsin with a bunch of friends last month. You may have read about our adventures on other blogs. It was a really great time.

I was fairly restrained in my purchases. The only yarn I purchased was for the upcoming Stephen West KAL and for a Holiday Doodle KAL that takes place in November. And some yarn for a hat, but hat yarn doesn’t really count, does it? The purple skein is a gift from Jess that was dyed by Alissa. Pretty cool, right?

I was less restrained when it came to fiber. I picked up two braids from Honeygold Acres, Some big balls from a farm in Wisconsin, a taster of a Yak blend, a sparkly bat, a gradient I didn’t remember until I saw this picture, and the colorway for the show. Marilee brought me some qiviat and Liz brought me some camel silk. My friends are awesome.

I didn’t take many pictures. That has nothing to do with sharing a margarita flight with Marilee. That was just good fun.

Now it is back to my real life where I need to knit and spin up all of the goodies I bought this year. Later this week I’ll update you on my progress on last year’s purchases.

20 thoughts on “Wisconsin Sheep and Wool 2022

  1. Oh, yes – I’d love to know you are more successful than I at keeping up with incoming fibers! I still have three skeins from last year’s Great Northern Yarn Haul (but that’s less then half, right?), and some gifted yarn from someone who should know better, but thought that because they are my colors, I “needed” them! They’ll be perfect for a Nightshift shawl, but that comes after all the sweaters for my aunt’s children, and the requested four Christmas stockings, and the socks I’m currently making for another knitter. Who doesn’t knit socks. Can’t keep up! At least I refrained from buying yarn at last week’s Sheep and Wool Fest.

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