Sock It To Me Monday

I have a tube sock on the needles for Audrey. It is currently on hold while I wait for a new needle.

We got a puppy. Her name is Bramble and she is a blue healer mix. She is three months old, adorable, and a constant reminder of why I like to adopt older dogs. She likes to eat yarn, needles, the kids toys, Elliot’s shorts, and shoes.

8 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. I feel your pain! Heeler are so smart and so loyal, but boy are they a hand full! Bandit could do 2 miles at 3 months and it just barely took the edge off his energy level.😳 When I was sick last week he wouldn’t leave the bedroom and he barely ate. When I moved to the couch on Sunday afternoon I woke up to find him laying with me! So, while the first year is trying, they are amazing dogs!

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