Summer Silence

Whelp. It has been one hell of a summer. In July we had to put Wrigley down and my mom was in a horrible car accident – on the same day. The next day I broke my toe.

Other than the crap, I went to the state fair and the kids spent the week at Kirsten Camp. The kids have been agreeing to longer hikes. I went back to the Girl Scout camp I worked at in college for an adult camp with my good friend from working at camp in 97, 98, and 99. It was amazing. Neither of us are strong kayakers. We found a popcorn maker on the curb. We spent time with family and framily. The kids got balloon animals at the State Fair kickoff. We went to the local alpaca farm. Audrey went to horse camp. Elliot and I checked out trains. Audrey went to the little red schoolhouse camp (that kid loves history).

I’ve been knitting and spinning, but not much. I hope to get back to that. I think the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival might kick start my mojo.

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