WIP Wednesday 6/22/22

I’m working away on my Halloween sweater. I am getting close to starting the ribbing.

Yesterday the kids swam four times. I only swam twice. Today we went with John’s mom and my nephew to Reiman Gardens in Ames. Busy days make me thankful for mindless knitting when I get to enjoy the yarn room at the end of the day.

I hope your projects match your energy level at knitting time.

Sewing Sunday 6/19/22

I haven’t lost my sewing mojo yet. I think not having to pack up my machines when I’m done using them might be the trick to continuing to sew.

This week I made a Pocket Skirt (which is a free pattern). A few weeks ago when I was busy and not bloggy I made my first pocket skirt, which I call my homeschool mom skirt. The pockets are large and can accommodate a book, knitting project, and about 42 pinecones. I wear the skirt often and decided to make a new one. My JoAnn is moving so they have great sales on fabric. I found some fabric for 80% off that reminded me of a bridesmaid dress. Clearly I had to buy some. A fancy pocket skirt needed to happen.

I envision wearing this when John and I go out to dinner. I am also just wearing it around the house, because it is so comfortable.

After my skirt success I decided to try a workout tank. I found a free pattern and got to work. In the end, I did not like the fabric (80% off work out fabric from JoAnn). I didn’t like the fit either. It was huge. Instead of adding bias tape to the neck and armholes I said screw it and just serged around them. It is a tank I’m only going to wear when I am out on the trails, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Normalize messy craftrooms.

I might try the tank again in jersey knit and sizing down.

I have a few things I want to sew next. Audrey wants a new dress and a long skirt. I want a new pocket dress, I’m thinking I might make one out of old sheets. What are you thinking about sewing next?

Camp Sarah Jane

Last week Kirsten’s came up for four days to participate in Camp Sarah Jane. Camp Sarah Jane is when Bryan and Sophia stay here and do all sorts of crafts and I spoil them along with my kids.

The kids arrived on Monday morning. They had some time to play in the pool before rain came in. While it rained the kids made friendship bracelets and pins and dug for fossils. Bryan and Sophia both tried to spin. Once the weather cleared up the we walked down to the park to do some creek stomping, tree climbing, and playing in the sand. I made the kids Camp Sarah Jane t shirts and made them pose for several photos together. The kids fell asleep easily that night.

On Tuesday we were really busy. We spent all morning walking. Bryan and Sophia hung out while Audrey and Elliot had swim lessons. After that we went next door to Dollar Tree where I said they could each buy four things. It was very interesting to see the differences in what everyone chose. We headed to the library to pick out books and play some “songs” on the piano. After that we walked to three different parks. I had 10,000 steps before noon. The afternoon the kids spent in the pool. I was so tired we got take out Mexican food for dinner, primarily so I could get a big margarita. We all slept well that night.

On Wednesday we stayed in the yard. For camp I taught each kid one recipe they wanted to learn how to make. For Sophia it was cinnamon sugar sourdough waffles. The kids ate outside. We put Mentos in a 2 liter of cola to make a fountain, and after that the kids were able to try pop. They all decided the like it. We celebrated ice cream o’clock (every day I would yell “ICE CREAM O’CLOCK” at some point and give them ice cream treats). They painted faces. They swam. I talked to Bryan about not playing on concrete porches in roller skates. They played water Twister. We tie dyed. We all slept well.

On Thursday we were kind of lazy. The kids wore their tie dye, painted stepping stones, celebrated one last ice cream o’clock, watched Paw Patrol, and hugged goodbye.

It was an exhausting and fun week. I am lucky to have so many great kids in my life.

Sock It To Me Monday 6/13/22

I actually finished these a week or two ago, but I kept forgetting to take a picture.

I finished my National Seashell Day (June 21) socks from the Knit Spin Farm Little Known Holidays Yarn Club. I prefer to think of this colorway as an 80s makeup palate. They are not my usual colors, but I am keeping them because they are discontinuing the base (90% Targhee 10% Nylon Sport Weight) and it is my favorite.

Do you have any socks on the needles?