Sewing Sunday 6/26/22

This week I made a dress for Audrey and a skirt for myself.

Audrey’s dress was a free online pattern. It came with the pattern pieces and an on line tutorial with the directions. I’m a paper directions person. I cut out the pieces and sewed them like I thought they should be sewn. When it came to the neck I decided to just serge it (a wise woman once told me people use that as a design feature). I did the same instead of hemming, as I would have had to change the thread in my sewing machine. By that point I was committed to only using my serger, so I used it to hem the sleeves. Audrey is a big fan of the dress. There are unicorns on the fabric, so who wouldn’t want a dress out of it? Also? It is a circle skirt, so it is excellent for twirling.

I made myself another peppermint pocket skirt, this time out of an old fitted sheet. I feel very Maria Von Trapp-ish whenever I repurpose fabric. The skirt is incredibly comfortable. I’m now searching for a good lounge pants pattern to make with the other sheet.

Please ignore husband’s pile of clothes.

I hope you are finding time to enjoy crafts you like, both new and old.

10 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday 6/26/22

  1. I was literally just thinking yesterday I should have a look at my old sheets for some sewing practice material! You’d never know the skirt was a sheet before. As for the dress, that is so pretty and I zoomed in and LOVE the darker yarn serged edges, it looks like embroidery stitching. A great idea.

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  2. Bobbie Jean says:

    I gave up trying to knit socks two years ago. COVID erased my newly acquired knitting knowledge but knitting memories are starting to resurface. My fingers remember and I see me knitting. Is the strangest thing. I have a feeling I will take up the needles again. And I will learn how to do socks simply because I want to, need to, and never quit. Those shorties might be where I begin. Thanks!

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