Sewing Sunday 6/19/22

I haven’t lost my sewing mojo yet. I think not having to pack up my machines when I’m done using them might be the trick to continuing to sew.

This week I made a Pocket Skirt (which is a free pattern). A few weeks ago when I was busy and not bloggy I made my first pocket skirt, which I call my homeschool mom skirt. The pockets are large and can accommodate a book, knitting project, and about 42 pinecones. I wear the skirt often and decided to make a new one. My JoAnn is moving so they have great sales on fabric. I found some fabric for 80% off that reminded me of a bridesmaid dress. Clearly I had to buy some. A fancy pocket skirt needed to happen.

I envision wearing this when John and I go out to dinner. I am also just wearing it around the house, because it is so comfortable.

After my skirt success I decided to try a workout tank. I found a free pattern and got to work. In the end, I did not like the fabric (80% off work out fabric from JoAnn). I didn’t like the fit either. It was huge. Instead of adding bias tape to the neck and armholes I said screw it and just serged around them. It is a tank I’m only going to wear when I am out on the trails, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Normalize messy craftrooms.

I might try the tank again in jersey knit and sizing down.

I have a few things I want to sew next. Audrey wants a new dress and a long skirt. I want a new pocket dress, I’m thinking I might make one out of old sheets. What are you thinking about sewing next?

7 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday 6/19/22

  1. My sewing mojo is high at the moment, inspired by your lovely makes. I just ordered some yarn to fix my ship shape jumper which cost £2.50…but to get free postage you have to spend over £25…so I just spent £50 on some lightweight denim, some fabric clips, elastic, zip, fabric pencil and so on! 😂 🤣

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  2. I love your skirt! That is a great pattern, and the fancy version is in deed very fancy 🙂 Your tank looks great too – you are definitely being too critical of it. Glad your sewing mojo is sticking with you!

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  3. Not responding in a timely manner – but I love seeing what you’ve been creating. I am also a fan of pockets – especially large and deep! My next sewing project needs to happen in the next 36 hours or so – I have a dress which I’ve cut out, and need to sew, before a memorial gathering Saturday; we were asked to wear bright colors, so bright colors it is!

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