Sew Sunday 5/22/22

After a trip to visit my parents I’m back to sewing. This week I made Audrey a pair of shorts and a tank top out of some pink velour. I now know that I hate working with velour. Her outfit is really cute, despite the troubles it caused me.

I made a blanket for Elliot tonight and one for Audrey last week (with the help of Audrey and my mom). They are simple fleece tie blankets. They are both very happy with them.

Audrey’s blanket has Girl Scout fabric on both sides. She loves it.

She bridged to Brownies last week. We’re proud of her.

Elliot’s blanket has camel fabric on one side and llamas dressed in Halloween costumes on the other. He picked out the fabric. If you have been reading for long you probably know that Elliot loves camels.

I’m not sure how many more days of sewing enthusiasm I have in me for this year. I’ve been buying a lot of fabric, so I hope I’m able to complete a few more projects before I pack up my machines and get back to yarn related crafting. If I keep sewing I’ll keep telling you about it on Sunday evenings.

4 thoughts on “Sew Sunday 5/22/22

  1. Oh the pink velour outfit is adorable, nice job! That “tie blanket” made me smile and remember when my quilting friends and I were obsessed with them, bought so much fleece at Joann’s fabric on sale and basically had blanket tying parties – yes like everyone got one of those blankets for Christmas! Congrats on your daughter moving up in the Girl Scout ecosystem!

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