Fiber Finds

Last weekend Audrey and I headed to my guild’s fiber festival. The small festival raises money for the guild, so it was important to me to go support the vendors.

Audrey was excited to go to her first fiber festival. She was able to try a drum carder, which made me think I should get one so she could make me batts.

In the name of supporting the guild I picked up some fiber (not pictured, the fiber Audrey picked out).

The top four braids are from Honey Gold Acres. In my dreams she starts a fiber club. Until that happens I stock up when I see her at shows. I picked up two rambouillet braids and two merino braids. I’m regretting not getting more rambouillet from her. When I run out I’ll order more (if I can’t wait until Wisconsin). The pink and yellow fiber is merino from Fiber Cuiro and Sundries in the Margaritaville colorway. The teal is from two guys fiber and it is sparkly.

I should be all set with fiber until I hit up my next festival. The same can be said for yarn. I’m going to try to stay away from fiber purchases for the next 124 days (not that I’m counting down the days to Wisconsin or anything).

Have you been to a fiber festival recently?

12 thoughts on “Fiber Finds

  1. The yellow/pink looks like cotton candy! I love drum carders – I’ve borrowed one from a friend on occasion. And no, no fiber festivals – I considered going to Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend, but overshot and ended up in South Carolina instead!

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