FO Friday 4/15/22

I do not have a finished knitting project to share, but I do have two spinning projects to share with you. I really enjoy spinning, and I find myself wanting to be at the wheel more than I want to knit.

The undyed skein is Corriedale from my Long Way Homestead January Breed of the Month fiber club. It was fun to spin, and ended up much softer than I expected. The green and gold skein is a mix of BFL, Shetland, and Manx Loaghthan wool from Hip Strings. It is not the best example of my spinning, but it was really fun to spin. I’m setting it aside to use in a huge shawl I will eventually knit with handspun.

Did you finish anything this week?

14 thoughts on “FO Friday 4/15/22

  1. I think your spinning looks fabulous, and you’ve not been at it that long either! My finish this week was my hoodie. I might get another blanket block finished this weekend. It’s been slow going because my tendinitis has flared up, so only a couple rounds a day.

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      1. Me too! My nurse friend reminded me to do a three day run of ibuprofen to knock it out, and I am now on my second day. The Bee has prevented me from knitting the past two days, so maybe the rest and meds will get it back to neutral. It’s not as bad as it was the first time, so 🤞!

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  2. What beautiful yarn! I didn’t finish anything because I am slogging and slogging away on the colorwork portion of GoldenFern and I can’t make any final decisions about what colors to use next. I am handling the indecision by working on a pair of socks. Now I have part of a sock done and part of a sweater done…

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