Poolside Sock Knitting

I missed Sock It To Me Monday (I may be a bit out of practice of blogging). I have been working on a pair of socks for John. I’m taking my time with these, only because I haven’t felt much like working on them. The only time each week I know I’ll be working on them is Tuesday mornings when the kids are at swim lessons.

I’m on the second sock now, which often gets my sock mojo in gear. As you can tell from the finished sock, I ran out of yarn for the toe. I’m using Patons Kroy Socks in the Blue Raspberry color. I thought two 50g skeins would be enough for a pair of socks for John. I was wrong. You may notice in the sock I’m currently working on there is a stripe of black in the cuff. I added it in so that the stripes on the socks would match. The second skein started at a slightly different spot than the first skein. Knitting socks with stripes that were about an inch off from each other would have made me twitchy, so I added the black stripe in.

Are you working on any socks?

9 thoughts on “Poolside Sock Knitting

  1. I’ve noticed that about Paton’s Kroy Sock Yarn, that it’s not enough yardage for a dude sock. The last time I used this yarn, I knit the cuffs, heels, and toes from a different yarn and then had enough of the Kroy to finish. I DO like the squishy quality of Kroy, but it’s almost a sport weight (IMO)!

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  2. I love Kroy sock – I’m wearing a pair made with it now, in fact. I always do toe up, or nearly always; if I end up adding another yarn at the cuff, it’s fine. I have a pair of socks going, but mostly am working on a sweater (boring, boring, plain knitting) so the socks, with some texture in them and maybe cables, are relief from the boredom.

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