FO Friday 3/4/22

I finished two big projects this week. I had some unexpected time to sit and the energy to knit i cord. So that is what I did.

Vertices Unite

It is big. It is bright. I like it. Elliot helped me model it.

I also finished Audrey’s blanket. I finished the squares back in November, but it took me months to find i cord mojo. She helped me out with the pictures, and had strong opinions on the poses she should use. She is now in charge of all further knit photoshoots.

It feels good to have two big projects off of my needles. Are you working on anything fun this week?

14 thoughts on “FO Friday 3/4/22

  1. You have two amazing models there! I love Audrey’s flair 🙂 Your Vertices is just so beautiful – love the colors and how they work together! And Audrey’s blanks is just lovely.


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