WIP Wednesday 1/26/22

I’m still at my parent’s house. It is cold enough here they cancelled school today. That means I did nothing but drink coffee and knit all day. OK, there was also red wine towards the end of the day, but I didn’t knit much after that.

The other night John asked me why I hadn’t knit with handspun yet. I had no answer. I decided I should probably cast something on. I cast on a bandana cowl in the blue gradient handspun I adore. I grabbed my bag Alissa made me, because it matches beautifully and because she is a magical human I am so incredibly happy to know. I followed a pattern until I decided the pattern would just lead to a lump on my back (which I have on my own due to horrible posture, thank you very much). I think garter stitch with a split at the back of the cowl will be a great addition to my winter outerwear. I would have worked on this all day, but I neglected to pack a longer length needle so things were getting tight.

When I was in Wisconsin for The Worlds Most Incredible Girls Trip of Amazement I picked up a cowl kit at the yarn festival. The yarn festival was secondary. The comradery was primary. Anywhoo a cowl with 50% Tibetan Yak Down and 50% wool and colorwork? Just take my money. I started the cowl today. I love it. I did not think to pack my magnetic board I use when reading charts, so after ten rows I decided to put this away for now. This project is living in my Tierney Creates bag. If you follow Tierney you probably remember her amazing Tula Pink backpack. I love Tula Pink fabric, especially the raccoon print. I reached out to her to see if she would be open to an exchange. Thankfully she was, so one pair of socks later I’ve been blessed with this raccoon bag. I’m not usually a fan of trash pandas, but I love this fabric. Tierney is so creative and talented it gives me an anxiety stomach ache to think of someone so talented (seriously, have you seen her quilts??) making something for me. A bag this special deserves a special project, and this is it.

I’m still plugging away on my Vertices Unite shawl. If I finish it this year I will exceed my goal. It is a relaxing knit. The progress marker, just up from my Godmother, shows where I was last week.

If you are working on the Vertices Unite we will be doing a call on Feb 5. So far I have Ivy, Jess, Marilee, Alissa, Kirsten, Kath, Laura, Bonny, and AJ on the call. If you want to join us please let me know.

I hope your projects are going well. If you are travelling I hope you packed enough projects and all of the tools you need.

16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 1/26/22

  1. I love all your projects and especially love your coordinating project bags. Trash pandas…is that a tv show? I thought it was a cute raccoon but maybe it’s a red panda? I think it’s cute. The colours in your colourwork cowl are lovely so I’m looking forward to seeing that. Your handspun looks marvellous knitted up. Where there is the occasional thicker bit it adds to the project. Looks lovely and soft and squishy.

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  2. Aw I love that you called me a magical human. You packed well for your trip. Your projects are amazing. I really want to make a bandana cowl. Tierney is also a magical being with mad sewing skills. You are also a magical being with mad spinning skills.

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  3. This sounds like a really lovely day – even if it was super cold. That cowl is going to be really stunning with those gorgeous colors. I have a bandana-y style neck wrap thing I made last year and questioned if I’d ever wear it but I realized it is a good shape to pull up and stay covering my ears when I take the dog for a walk, so I wear it all the time now. Fun quick projects for the win!

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  4. AJ says:

    That project bag from Alissa is gorgeous!!! I love it when my projects match my bag!
    I have finished part one of vertices unite, but that’s it. Need to get back to it once I get my current sweater and socks done


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