Art Center Afternoon

Yesterday the kids and I got out of the house and headed to the Des Moines Art Center. I wanted to see the Justin Favela exhibition before it closes tomorrow. I also wanted to walk around a big building for a couple of hours to keep the kids busy because it was too cold to play outside last week.

The Favela exhibit was created on site and was inspired by other works in the museum. The kids thought the huge taco pizza was really cool. I really liked the tissue paper murals.

We all agreed that the pizza chandelier was really cool. We are taco pizza fans and art fans, so this really brought it all together for us.

Do you like taco pizza? Do you live in an area where it is available?

I enjoyed talking about the art with the kids. Audrey loved seeing the paintings and didn’t want to leave. Elliot, however, was ready to go by the time we got to the last gallery.

He didn’t even care that he missed the Miro in the adjacent room.

I would like to be better about getting to the Art Center. They have a nice collection to explore. Next time I might leave Elliot at home with John.

I hope your weekend was full of adventures.

7 thoughts on “Art Center Afternoon

  1. Yes, leave Elliot at home. He might be ready for the museum when he’s a bit older. I don’t like pizza much, but I do like a good taco. When I lived in Texas, we had access to some terrific Tex-mex food. Nachoes were my guilty pleasure.

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