FO Friday 1/21/22

I finished John’s hat. He really likes it. He always asks for beanies, but I have finally figured out he wants skull caps. I am going to size down his hats in the future, as he really likes small hats. The yarn is A Yarn to Dye For DK in their Feasting At The Farmer’s Market colorway.

He really needs a haircut. I’m getting close to sneaking up to him and cutting it off.

I’ve been spinning this week too. I spun some silk Marilyn sent me. I loved spinning it, and look forward to spinning silk again. It was so luxurious.

From the yarn shop that the knitting murder mystery series I love to hate is based on.

I finished my Hinkley spin, and continually annoy my husband by making him look at it and then yelling “I MADE IT” in his face. He is a patient man. I also spun some gray alpaca/silk (also from Marilyn, who is amazing). The fiber was so soft I would like to create a nest for myself out of it. I have no use for a personal nest, but I would do it anyway. I also plied some leftover singles into a random skein and I like it best of all. Go figure.

Fun fact: John just walked by me as I was writing this post, looked at the picture, and told me I spin better yarn than that. I then told him it was my yarn. Maybe I need to make sure he looks at the yarn when I scream at him about how I made it?

I hope you had a good week. If it is cold where you are, stay warm. If it is warm where you are, please step outside and feel the warm sun on your face for me.

10 thoughts on “FO Friday 1/21/22

  1. John’s hat looks great! It looks cozy and comfortable 🙂 Also, all your yarn is just amazing. I am in awe – I can’t believe you have been spinning for such a short time. It is all so beautiful!! I hope you stay warm as well 🙂

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  2. pink says:

    This is a really cool hat; did uou design it yourself? I haven’t seen a pattern like that before with the alternating stitch types and it looks quite fun to do. Is there something different about the construction? Please could you tell me the name of the pattern if you followed one?
    Well done, he looks really happy with it!

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  3. The hat suits him well, my eyelashes could (and often do) touch the rim on my hats so I’m at the opposite side of the hat size scale. All the spinning looks lovely. When our Guild had a lesson from the lady from Skye Silks, she recommended spinning silk from the fold. So if you spin some more you could give that method a go.

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