FO Friday 1/14/22

I have not been knitting much, mostly because of my new spinning obsession. I’ve spun two skeins recently, both of which I’m really proud of. The first is a blue gradient from Frabjous Fibers – it is 5 ounces of top in the Soles & Eels colorway. This had five different colors that I spun as a gradient. I had so much fun spinning this. I’m thrilled that I have a pink gradient to spin in my stash. The second skein is from my breed of the month club from Long Way Homestead. It is 4 oz of Shropshire Roving. I had never heard of Shropshire before, but it was a delight to spin.

I’m planting a dye garden next summer, and plan to dye to Shropshire with what I’ve grown. I’m going to call it a homeschool learning experience. My kids are already weird among public school kids because they are homeschooled and among homeschoolers because we are secular homeschoolers (in Iowa), so they might as well be weirder by dying homespun yarn and knitting it into clothes. I think weird is good.

I have the luxury of more time at my wheel than most spinners. For that I am thankful. I have been spinning for less than two months and I am already making yarn I can’t wait to use.

I haven’t finished any knitting, but I did finish this beer while talking to most of my WI Sheep and Wool Festival Friends. It was a really good beer with fun artwork. I don’t drink much, so finishing a beer apparently warrants a blog photo.

Did you finish anything this week? If you have any extra knitting mojo can you please send it my way?

12 thoughts on “FO Friday 1/14/22

  1. Your yarn looks really nice, you must be a natural spinner! I finished 1/2 pillowcases this morning, so am ready for the 10:30 recital. 😁 I hope to do the other one before I go, so it will be ready for tomorrow. I did block out m6 blanket squares and decided which color and pattern to use for the next one. I cast on Thursday, but it will be just a bit here and three. I’m still not ready to tackle Orkney, maybe after I get more of the wedding quilt done…..

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