FO Friday

2021 was the year I used a white board to organize my knitting. One year in, and I call it a success. I knit all but two of the projects I’ve been saying I want to knit. I’ve knit projects that have been in my queue for years. It felt great. I was able to finish 63 projects this year. I do not anticipate knitting that many projects in 2022, as breaking my ankle and being immobile for months really added in knitting time.

In 2022 I hope to knit down my stash. I will buy yarn, but only when travelling, at fiber festivals, or if someone requests an item I do not have the yarn for.

What do you hope to knit next year?

11 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. On the list: finish the current sweater for one cousin, fingerless mitts for brother-in-law (because he lost one of the last pair the first day he wore them!!), mittens for one granddaughter, sweater for another cousin, dog coat for one of my canine friends, and then I’ll see were I am in the year. A friend just gave me a really pretty hand dyed skein; I’d like to make something for me with it – either socks or a cowl. I have yarn for all of these, except I’ll need to dye the yarn for the fingerless mitts. The queue is endless!

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