Advent Trades

This year, instead of buying an Advent calendar, I swapped Advent calendars with two of my friends. It was amazing. I was able to find yarn from dyers I wanted to share with them. During Advent I was able to open up two mini skeins each day, curated by women I love.

There were several Hue Loco, Leading Men Fiber Arts, and Emma’s Yarn skeins. I now have so many mini skeins to choose from for so many projects. I am not sure what I’m going to make yet, but some of them will be used in scrap blankets.

My friends are cool, obviously. If you would like to hang out with us virtually, you can! We are having a Skype cast on party for the Vertices Unite KAL. We will have mimosas! We will have yarn! We will have witty banter and saucy comments! If I have more than one drink I’ll show you how good I am at the robot (hint: not good). If you want to join us drop me a line with your e mail address. You can find me on Instagram as @mildlygranola or Ravelry as Sarahjane77. I hope you can join us!

13 thoughts on “Advent Trades

  1. This is such an awesome idea – I think I’m going to put together a little mini advent calendar for myself now for next year – I like the idea of opening something each day but it’s so hard to justify spending so much on an advent package when i have an overflowing bag of fingering weight leftovers.

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