Solstice Fun

Great news, guys – the days are getting longer. There is more light each day. Sure, it’s about to get hella cold here in Iowa, but it won’t be so dark.

We celebrate the changing of seasons in our home. We are outside throughout the year, and we like to take time to appreciate our world.

We started the day with cinnamon star bread (OK, really it wasn’t done until like 10:30, so it was more of a second breakfast, but we can pretend for a blog post that I am so with it and together I have fresh baked bread ready for breakfast in the morning, right?). The kids and I headed out to a state park to hike and play on the playground equipment.

After the hike I did five loads of laundry while the kids played PAW Patrol and begged to play on their tablets. I kept meaning to spin, but I got distracted playing around on my phone. I’m telling you this so you don’t think we have a totally peaceful and calm solstice.

Dinner was sun bread filled with olive tapenade with whipped feta dip. We made s’mores and lit sparklers and reminded ourselves that winter isn’t so bad when you wear the right layers. It also helps when you have good wine, good food, a great family, and friends to hang out with.

I hope that you are finding more light in your lives as the northern hemisphere returns to more light. If you are in the southern hemisphere, enjoy your summer solstice, and send some summer sun my way.

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