Catching Up

I have not been taking the time to write. I regret that, and hope to write more soon. For now I’m going to catch you up on everything I meant to tell you about this week.

Advent Socks.

I love working a stripe a day on these socks. The photo is from a few days ago. I’m going to do an afterthought heel on these socks, which scares me in a good way.


The legwarmers are done. I don’t think they are as uneven as the look in this photo.
I made another Alaska hat. This time it is a Christmas present.
I never got around to telling you about my Christmas shawl. I made up the pattern. It incudes the three things I love in shawls: garter stitch, triangular shape, and an i cord bind off. The yarn is a Knit Circus DK gradient skein and a Knit Circus Targhee Nylon fingering weight held double. It’s small, which is actually good for the fall weather we enjoy in December.


I took a spinning class through my guild. I have fallen head over heels in love with spinning, thanks to the class. This is my first full skein of yarn – a lovely woolen spun Cheviot. I’m now having a hard time knitting because all I want to do is spin spin spin no matter what.

Other thank spinning I’ve been baking, enjoying walks in the crisp fall air, getting ready for Christmas, spending time with friends, and looking at fiber and yarn on line but not buying any. I hope you are doing well.

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