Yesterday was not Monday.

I wrote a sock it to me Monday post yesterday, because I thought it was Monday. It was not Monday. It was Wednesday. Thanksgiving has messed me up. I don’t know what day it is or what I’m supposed to be doing. I imagine it will be this way until after New Years. That is OK.

Are you doing a yarn Advent calendar this year? I’m doing two. Instead of buying one I convinced two of my besties to do Advent calendar exchanges with me. It was so much fun putting their calendars together. I picked mini skeins from some of my favorite dyers as well as leftovers from some of my favorite projects.

I’m loving tearing into the packages every morning. I’ve already enjoyed receiving some Boozy Broad, Lemonade Shop, and Stranded Dyeworks yarn. I’m a lucky lady blessed with wonderful friends.

My cousin was clearing out her stash, and I brought home an Ikea bag full of wool that I’m excited to knit up. The kids helped me organize it.

The kids had their second shot yesterday, which was a relief. We celebrated with a trip to Starbucks.

We’ve been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures here this week. The kids have been enjoying picnic lunches. We’ve been going on adventures. Next week it will be cold again and we will actually decorate the house.

I hope you are doing well. If you celebrate American Thanksgiving I hope you were able to spend time with loved ones.

9 thoughts on “Yesterday was not Monday.

  1. I love the photo of kids in tree – it’s great! Yes, the weather has been amazing – as I’ve been traveling, I’ve often traveled over roads after a rain, but my weather has been sunny and unseasonably warm! Of course, for me this is south (currently Ohio), so it’s not unexpected. You’re the knitter in the Indianapolis area, right? I thought of you as I saw signs for the city, but kept well south.

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    1. I’m in the Des Moines area, over in Iowa. When I read about you driving in Kansas I got excited thinking you might come up 35 and over on 80. If you ever drive my way I would love to meet up.


      1. Certainly I will keep it in mind – although I wonder which knitter is in Indiana?? I wasn’t following you yet when I went through there a few years ago; I’m always interested in meeting up with other crafters. Who knows where my travels will take me – this time it’s to spend time in Ohio with another woman left a widow by pancreatic cancer.

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