Spinning Class

Yesterday I took a spinning class at the Threads and Fiber Festival, a new festival in Des Moines. I was very excited to take the class because I have not been able to figure out drafting.

The scheduled teacher was sick, so we were upgraded to a class from Kay at the Shepard’s Mill in Kansas. After three hours I can kind of spin. I know enough to know how to practice, which is what I intend to do daily.

Class wore me out. My whole body was sore, because I was so tense trying to learn a new skill. I had a headache. I had to cancel plans to grab a beer with Laura and her husband, which was disappointing. Hopefully we can catch up the next time she is in town.

8 thoughts on “Spinning Class

      1. I know! I would get all tangled up and freaked out while trying to control my plying or something and just keep peddling away on the wheel putting in way too much twist!! She would also tell me that if I let the twist get up too far into the fiber even Superman wouldn’t be able to draft it. Another reason to stop the wheel…

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