On Sundays We Tink

I’m spending my Sunday tinking back my Koro Koro to where I dropped stitches. Due to the unique construction of the shawl I am not able to rip it back. Normally I would pick up the stitches, but (again, due to the unique construction) I am not able to pick them up. I thought about ignoring it, but decided it would bug me too much.

Please tell me about a time you had to spend a long time fixing a project. I need knitting camaraderie to get me through this.

13 thoughts on “On Sundays We Tink

  1. Because I prefer complicated designs, often fixes are complicated or long. It’s all process, though. And I knit for the process, as well as the product. The worst was when I mindlessly knit a row of Fair Isle with one of the colors wrong – and didn’t catch it for several rows. No way to fix without tinking – it was just too obvious!

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  2. Olivia says:

    I have ripped back row upon row upon row of knitting. I have absolutely totally lost count of how many hours I’ve spent doing that. I hate to leave mistakes because they are glaring to me. Especially with anything lacy it just doesn’t work you end up losing track of the stitches totally. I’m sure it was worth the six rows to put your mind at ease.

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