Sock It To Me Monday

I finished a pair of socks last week. I’m calling these socks Halloween socks, but I have been told the orange looks like pink in most light. Oh well. I took these socks to work on in Wisconsin. The yarn is from Marilee, so it was almost like having her there with me.

I’m not feeling socks right now, which is frustrating because I have a large sock yarn stash and a desire to have more handknit socks. I hope the mojo returns soon, as I have lots of fall yarn I would like to turn into socks this year.

13 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

    1. The first pair I knit were Hermione’s everyday sock free pattern on Ravelry and found a 4 part super slow knit along videos on YouTube. If you type in the pattern name and slow then I’m sure you will find them. It’s a great way to start on socks.


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