A few weeks ago we headed up to West Okoboji to spend the weekend with my aunt and uncle. We had a wonderful time on the boat, in the water, and socially distanced at the Barefoot Bar. It was a wonderful getaway. We’ve been battling various illnesses since we returned, but hope to be fully recovered soon.

Have you been able to get out on a boat this summer?

Sock It To Me Monday

Did you know that September is National Mushroom Month? I didn’t, until I received my Knit Spin Farm yarn for the Little Known Holidays Club. Each stripe in these socks represents a mushroom, but I lost the label so you will have to guess which kind. The gray is for morel, the only mushroom I would feel confident foraging.

I love these socks. They scream fall to me. I’ll probably put them away for the year when I put my Thanksgiving decorations away. I’m getting to the point where I have so many socks I’m excited when I can call a pair seasonal.

Foraging Fun

Last Wednesday the kids and I went creek stomping with a homeschool group.

While heading back to the car we stumbled upon some ripe elderberries.

There have been a few summer colds going around our house, so I decided to make elderberry syrup.

I brought 1 c berries, 3 cloves, and 3 c water to a boil, then let it simmer for thirty minutes. I then strained the mixture and discarded the solids. I let the mixture cool a bit then mixed in a cup of honey.

I’ve been giving the kids a spoonful each day to boost their immune systems.

The kids love the elderberry syrup. They even enjoyed some on banana oat pancakes.

I loved foraging and hope to find more treasures in the woods soon. Do you ever forage? What do you make?

Spooky Saturday

I’m in the mood for fall. Sure, the Iowa State Fair is currently going on, and it is in the 80s daily. I’m still dreaming of crisp weather. And Halloween. So I did what any rational knitter would do, and that is cast on a Cemetery Drive Cowl.

I knit the cowl in DK weight yarn instead of fingering and increased the needle size. The dark color is Lady Dye Yarns in whatever the main colorway was called in the RBG kit. The orange is Ritual Dyes in the last bonfire colorway.

It is far too hot to wear this right now, so I’ve put it in the basement with the Halloween decorations and clothing to pull out as soon as there is a cold night. The orchard opened for the season, so it won’t be long now.

Sock It To Me Monday

Summer is crazy, but I managed to finish some socks. These are the July Little Known Holidays club yarn from Knit Spin Farm in the Coloring Book Day.

I hope you are all doing well and I’m looking forward to catching up on your blogs soon.