A few weeks ago we headed up to West Okoboji to spend the weekend with my aunt and uncle. We had a wonderful time on the boat, in the water, and socially distanced at the Barefoot Bar. It was a wonderful getaway. We’ve been battling various illnesses since we returned, but hope to be fully recovered soon.

Have you been able to get out on a boat this summer?

11 thoughts on “Okoboji

  1. Kayaks are boats – at least once a week on the water. I just don’t get powerboats, unless used as transportation to get somewhere; I’ve never seen the attraction except for things like ferries. They scare the great blue herons and loons… To each their own –

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  2. Olivia says:

    We’ve been out on our boat several times this summer as I don’t really want to mix with people at the club pool 😷 The puppies were skittish at first but like kids, they got used to it and look so cute in their red life vests. There’s even an ice cream truck boat that sells “Frosty Paws” ice cream for dogs. But the smiles on your children are lovely. They look so happy to have a bit of boating fun.

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