Foraging Fun

Last Wednesday the kids and I went creek stomping with a homeschool group.

While heading back to the car we stumbled upon some ripe elderberries.

There have been a few summer colds going around our house, so I decided to make elderberry syrup.

I brought 1 c berries, 3 cloves, and 3 c water to a boil, then let it simmer for thirty minutes. I then strained the mixture and discarded the solids. I let the mixture cool a bit then mixed in a cup of honey.

I’ve been giving the kids a spoonful each day to boost their immune systems.

The kids love the elderberry syrup. They even enjoyed some on banana oat pancakes.

I loved foraging and hope to find more treasures in the woods soon. Do you ever forage? What do you make?

25 thoughts on “Foraging Fun

  1. We have been trying to get and elderberry bush for two years, and can’t seem to hit the nursery at the right time, you are so lucky to have them growing wild! We recently made flannel Mullen extract, which is good for asthma. I’m lucky, though, I have a plant ID expert living at my house!

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  2. Olivia says:

    About the only thing to forage on Cape Cod is cranberries if you can sneak into a bog without getting poison ivy all over you, and dangerous mushrooms which we are trying to avoid at all costs. We’ve had so much rain that there must be about 50 varieties of mushrooms in my backyard which I need to sweep away before the corgis get out there. Not much to forage on a golf course, lol 😏

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  3. It looks like you guys had a great time, and the elderberries are a great find! The elderberry syrup sound delicious, and also really great for immune boosting 🙂
    Where I grew up we did a lot of foraging. In the area near our house we had cherry, walnut and apple trees, and also a field where strawberries grew wild. A little ways away we had blueberry bushes. My grandfather knew a place to get morels. He wouldn’t tell anybody where they were – he would just go off one day and come home with a garbage bag full. I don’t forage up here as I don’t know the plants well at all.

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  4. I have an app called Picture This which is pretty good for plant ID. I have only foraged wild onions. The other things that I’ve picked around here were definitely planted: blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, pears, and apples. I used to forage morels when I was a kid with an experienced adult, but I wouldn’t trust myself to do that alone. I planted an elder in the garden. I don’t know if it will survive.

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