Doll Clothes

Both of my kids got fake American Girl dolls this weekend. They seem excited about them, which excites me as I loved playing with dolls when I was a kid. I decided to try and psyche them up about their dolls by sewing a few things for them.

Sewing doll clothes is great, because you don’t have to iron or pin the fabric. At least I don’t. They just have to fit a doll, I don’t care if they are a little wonky. I made t shirts, skirts, and a top today. I used fabric from my stash and a free pattern for the t shirt, so it was an inexpensive project. I even made a few things out of Audrey’s old crib sheet, which felt good to repurpose.

If you have any doll patterns or toy sewing suggestions please send them my way. I’m hoping to get back into sewing by making doll clothes.

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