If you know me in real life you know that I’m cheap. I love free things. One way that I’m cheap is that I buy furniture from Target. I could buy nice things, but then I would have less money to spend on yarn.

About 15 years ago I bought a fake leather ottoman at Target. Three years ago the “leather” started coming off. We use the ottoman a lot, so we ignored it as long as we could.

Yesterday I woke up and I couldn’t take it any longer. I placed an order for drive up at JoAnn and measured the ottoman. I washed, ironed, and cut out the fabric. I hemmed the four side rectangles, then seamed the cover.

I’m thrilled with how the cover turned out. Now that I have a pattern created I can make a cover out of heavier fabric if we decide it is needed (this cover is made of canvas).

And remember how I’m cheap? That couch? Our old neighbor gave it to us. She is moving in with her daughter and her family and had no use for the year old sectional. I couldn’t say no to it. Even though she is a smoker. The couch spent a month moving between our driveway and our garage. The couch and cushions were covered with baking soda for a few days to remove some of the scent. The couch was sprayed with a vinegar solution to remove some of the smoke. The sun helped too. We still get occasional wafts of smoke when we sit down, but it is much better and is less of an issue every day.

I’m thrilled with how the living room is coming together. Maybe next year we will get around to painting this room.

13 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. I’m only surprised it took you three years!! Now you can make one for every season (kidding – that would take too much time and money from yarn creations!) But if you used something like Sunbrella, it should last another 10 or so.

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    1. Well, Elliot is kind of destructive, so I waited until he was a little older. I think I’ll make one out of upholstery fabric now that I have it figured out. I did think about making one for each season, but figured my husband would roll his eyes so hard he might have an injury.

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