A Love Letter to Powdered Tide and Hot Water

My Mom has a sign up in her house that says “Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes.” As far as I’m concerned, that is a great motto to live by. That being said, while healing from my broken ankle I fear I developed a case of House Blindness. House Blindness is a condition where you fail to see the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your house. It takes so long to get to that condition you don’t even notice that it went from clean to ick.

Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with the GoCleanCo Instagram page. It’s the fault of my cousin, Kate. Whenever Kate tells me to do something I just do it, because it is always a good idea and she has never used her powers for evil. If she suggests a book series, kids activity, or Instagram account I just go for it. Anyhow, GoCleanCo shares really great cleaning tips, including how you can use powdered Tide and hot water to clean just about anything.

I mean it. Almost anything. For example, the door to the hall bath on the first floor.

I’m now trying to scrub one thing a day with powdered Tide and hot water. I will never have an immaculate home, but I will try my darndest to have a house that is cleanish.

My Mom also has a sign up that says “God loves you, and I’m trying.” That is also a good motto for my life.

9 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Powdered Tide and Hot Water

  1. Oh boy. A new way to reallyget it clean Those doors and cabinets? I don’t mind the work, but I want it to LOOK clean! Thanks for the site. I will bookmark it. House blindness…hmmmmmm hopefully it will not happen here. We have so much less STUFF because we don’t have the little ones in our lives but I seem to be the one who cleans off the tables and counters an desks, because I am the one who leaves a trail all day. I try to put it back might

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  2. House blindness…I’ll remember that one! That’s what I have with my ceiling fan! My tip is 1 part Dawn and 1 part vinegar for the entire bathroom…it clears out lime scale and keeps things absolutely sparkling!

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