Small Projects

We moved into our house last August. When we moved in we knew we had a lot of work to do. Every room needed new paint.

We spent a few months unpacking and settling in. Then we were in the midst of Christmas time; which was full of fun, but not home projects. Then I broke my ankle and took a few months to recover after surgery. Now I’m getting back to doing things around the house.

This week it was a small project for the craft room. It is a boring room in the basement where I have a sewing space and the kids have room to craft. The wall above my work table was lacking something, and I didn’t have a good place to keep papers. I decided a cork board would be a great way to change up the room.

Before: boring wall
After: 12 square feet to cover with project ideas.

I’m also working on updating the toy room. That is more of a long term project. There is still a lot to do, but it feels good to cross a few projects off of my list. There are still a lot things to do; we have yet to paint any room.

What projects have you done around your house?

18 thoughts on “Small Projects

  1. I made all the curtains in our house, and we sanded/refinished the oak floors upstairs, and did the family room downstairs, including hauling out a ton of bricks and mortar…we had a 26 foot long wall of orange brick.😳

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      1. It was sooo ugly and in the upstairs fireplace too. We took out the wall and left a 5 foot backing, and then I painted it, and sponged and spattered u til it looked like weathered gray brick. Three colors mixed into maybe 1/2 cup portions of about 10 shades from gray to black. DH was sure it wouldn’t work, but it did, to my great relief. The upstairs is just painted a straight cream now, and much better!

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  2. I do need to take a break from crafting to get some stuff round the house done, but I also have a fleece that needs sorting and washing and oh so many things. Saturday we are off to the kitchen place to plan our new kitchen though.

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  3. I think there are always things to do around the house. We’re in the midst of a kitchen cabinet remodel but the next step involves a lot of sanding and dust and it’s too hot to have the windows and doors open and the AC off right now so….. it looks like that step is going to wait until some cooler weather arrives. I love the corkboard addition!

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  4. I’m glad you’re getting the time and energy to do some projects! It’s fun to make the house more your own. I have two cork boards in my craft room to pin up photos and notes and all kinds of little souvenir things and I love them.

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  5. Olivia says:

    We are entering our 4th year of renovating and updating our house. Since the husband is a designer/builder and COVID hit (with all the complications of no workers and skyrocketing prices of building materials if you can even find them) we have slowed to a snails pace. Even general maintenance has long wait times. I’m still waiting for cabinet doors in the bathroom after 3 yrs. he has somewhere around 16 building projects going besides ours. Some have lawsuits attached because ppl won’t pay because the work was slowed down. I mean REALLY?! Wealthy ppl have no idea how the world actually works. Anyway, I beg to get carpenters, painters, HVAC, electricians, plumbers to finish projects. (You can see it has hit a nerve) Our last project is the Great/Family room. It includes a deck reconfigure and redo, patio, and real wood burning fireplace. It also may never get done. I’m losing hope. But and this is big for me, we planted around 50 trees, hydrangeas, hostas, blueberries & perennials this year. It required new drip irrigation and a change of landscaper 3 times but it got done and things are growing. I also planted my little side yard secret moss and shade garden which is coming along (if I can keep out the weeds). We have a new fence so the corgis can run and play (but one of them figured out how to squeeze through the 4 inch gap 🤦🏼‍♀️. It never ends does it. Good luck with all your busy projects, you always do a great job.

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