WIP Wednesday

I’m still working on my Throughstone sweater. I love knitting socks, so you would think I would enjoy knitting long tubes. You would be wrong. I’m working on this for 30 minutes a day and making slow progress. At least I’m to my second sleeve. If I can just get this done it will be no time before I’m working on the fun colorwork part.

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I’m looking at my sleeve longingly at the moment, I am in quilting purgatory at the moment, trying to get these two finished by Sunday soI can give them to my graduating seniors. I could give them to them at their parties, but I just want to be done! I think you are wishing for the same, just be done so you can do the fun part again!

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      1. Thankfully, I have got my rhythm back, and am now on the third quarter of the second quilt. I decided to do meandering and it is so much faster…I’ll remember that for the next ones!

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