Sock It To Me Monday

I’ve started the heel flap on my second sock for my niece. It is time that I admit that when I’m knitting socks for others they take more time. I’m less likely to reach for something if I’m not going to get to wear it right away. Luckily she is an amazing person and knitworthy, so I’m happy to be working on these. I need to focus on them this week, because my Knit Spin Farms Little Known Holidays Sock Club is due to arrive this week. I need my needles free so I can start on those.

Are you working on any socks?

10 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. AJ says:

    Ooo I will have to look up this sock club! Right now I am trying to talk myself out of ordering some Area51 self striping sock yarn. I am working on the Meta socks right now

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  2. Yes indeed! I had to go to jury selection this am, and finished the foot on the first gray sock. I’ll do the Kitchener on it today and be ready with another for next week. Thankfully, I was excused, so got home and was able to slip in the Tuesday kids I wasn’t able to get to yesterday, so the rest of the week will be calm I hope!

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