Saturday Start

After I finished my TARDIS shawl I gave myself a few days to work on my sweater and socks before I cast on a new project. I told myself I could start a project on Saturday, because Saturday Start sounded like a good blog post, and I’m having such a hard time staying motivated with my blog lately.

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This morning I cast on a Beloved for my cousin Annie. I’m knitting it with some of Shannon’s Ewe Turn Dyeworks yarn. I love casting on a new project, especially when I get to try new yarn. I’m keeping the project in my fabulous new project bag that Alissa made.

I hope you are having a good weekend. Did you get to cast on anything new?

12 thoughts on “Saturday Start

  1. Oh Beloved is a darling Hat. Im calling it. My knitting wants to be short projects that allow me the satisfaction of a finish and the opportunity to use up my yarn from COVID. I am very much looking forward to going to my old LYS on Wednesday , maybe, to treat myself. Now that I am vaccinated, I’m so ready to celebrate it.

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      1. AJ says:

        Tin can knits is probably my favorite designer (team). I love how their patterns are clear and often are for many sizes and sometimes different weights

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  2. I so cannot cast on anything new. I’ve tried to start a vest in the past, but felt I really needed to be able to focus on it as it involves brioche knitting, a technique I’m inexperienced at.

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