WIP Wednesday

I’ve been focused on shawl knitting this week. I have worked on my sweater a little bit, but not enough to see any progress.

I finished the fifth lace section in Water tonight. Then I noticed I made a mistake in the lace so I ripped it back. It is the second time I’ve had to redo a lace section. It isn’t difficult lace, I’m just trying to work on it when I’m not able to focus. I know better than to pick up and put down lace several times in 20 minutes. I’m using dental floss for a lifeline. It’s really easy to thread on, it stays put, and it leaves a lovely minty smell. As an added bonus, the travel size from the dentist fits easily into my notions bag.

I’m really enjoying the Casapinka shawlette. The pattern is enjoyable to knit, and the colors look much better together together as the shawl is knit up. I’m really glad I stuck with the colors in the kit.

What are you working on?

Anne of Green Gables KAL

Yarn arrives at my house almost every week. This is not a normal occurrence for me. It is the result of sad buying yarn after breaking my ankle. Some purchases have been a great idea, like buying a mystery grab bag from a dyer who creates yarn I love. Some purchases have been odd choices.

I love Anne of Green Gables. Lady Dye had a mini KAL kit for an Anne of Green Gables KAL designed by Casapinka. I signed up for the kit. I didn’t know what the project would be. I didn’t know what the yarn would look like. Normally I would not be tempted by this kit. Hopped up on hydrocodone and fighting the depression of spending weeks in a recliner I bought the kit.

These are not colors I would pick. These are not colors I think look good together. After panic texting Marilee about how mystery kits are not for me I took a deep breath and decided to trust Casapinka and Lady Dye.

The pattern has suggestions on how to break up the shawl into daily chunks that will allow you to finish the shawl in the two weeks of the KAL. I’m hoping I can keep up with this shawl while knitting on Water and my other projects. So far the pattern has far too many P3TOG for my taste (one is really too many for me).

Have you ever purchased a kit totally out of your comfort zone?

Niddy Noddy

Do you have a niddy noddy? It is a tool for winding skeins of yarn. It is very helpful if you a a spinner. I’m not a spinner, but Jess, Ivy, and I are exchanging mini skein Advent calendars this year, so I thought it would be nice to make some mini skeins from my yarn.

Now, niddy noddies are not expensive tools. You can get one for under $20. But why would you buy one when you can make one in under a half hour? Using the instructions I found on The Chilly Dog I was able to make niddy noddy with three lengths of PVC pipe to make 1 yard, 1 1/2 yard, and 2 yard skeins.

I now want to make more knitting tools. Or at least use a hacksaw more often. I think a blanket ladder project is in my future, but that may wait until Kirsten moves, because I think a blanket ladder making party is an idea that needs to happen and she really needs to be there.

Have you ever made a knitting tool?

FO Friday

After what feels like ages, but what was actually only two months, I’ve finished the Outline Wrap. I used all of my Advent Calendar yarn from Chromatic Yarns for this project.

It needed heavy blocking.

After blocking I tried it on. It is smooshy, soft yarn. I really like the colors all together.

I like the project a lot, but it isn’t something I’ll actually wear. I just prefer triangular shawls. Also, I’ve found a better use for it.

Did you manage to finish anything this week?