Casapinka Shawl

I finished the Casapinka and Lady Dye Yarns Anne of Green Gables inspired KAL. It is a shawlette, which means it will be used as a shawl for Audrey. Elliot was kind enough to model it.

This was a fun knit. It kept my mind engaged working on the different parts. I’m glad I made the shawl. Now I’m back to focusing on Water, which I am excited to wear.

20 thoughts on “Casapinka Shawl

  1. Elliott looks so grown up all of a sudden! The shawl looks wonderful, as do John’s socks and your water shawl. I am finishing my last salvage sock today and then am going to figure out how to do sleeve decreases in the round. I know I saw it somewhere, now to go back and find it!

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  2. AJ says:

    Oh I I bought the Lady Dye Yarns kit and got the shawlette pattern, but it came so late that I feel like it’s impossible to get it done in time so why try. Plus the colours I got aren’t me:(

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      1. AJ says:

        Your daughter will love them! Im trying to decide between doing the casapinka shawl in different yarn or just using the avonlea blue to knit a one skein shawl

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