Staying Cozy

It’s snowing again in Des Moines. It looks beautiful falling outside of my yarn room window. Snow is a lot prettier when you are unable to help clear it. I’ve managed to avoid the worst of winter here. We’ve had the second snowiest winter on record this year, and I’ve watched almost all of it from inside the house. It’s one nice thing about having a broken ankle.

I’ve been extra cozy inside this winter, thanks to John’s Mom. She is an avid quilter, and has brought me three wonderful quilts since I broke my ankle.

The first quilt she thought John would like. He didn’t want a quilt, but I said we would use it. I’ve been using it when I’m in the living room.

I requested a Halloween quilt, so she made me one. She used leftover fabric from my favorite Halloween dress. The quilt glows in the dark. It is really cool, and I look forward to using it next fall.

When she was here last week I mentioned that someday, when she was out of fabric, I wanted to have her make me a flannel quilt. She asked about the colors I wanted and pattern. A few days later she asked how thick I wanted the batting. Yesterday she dropped off the fluffiest, coziest quilt I’ve ever seen. It is flannel on both sides and has two layers of thick batting. It is perfect for snuggles.

I’m really lucky to have such a crafty, prolific MIL. Our home is extra cozy because of her.

28 thoughts on “Staying Cozy

      1. My cousins are all avid quilters… they quilt the way I sew. I get quilts gifted to me every few years and each one is a treasure. You are going to need to bake your MIL something really yummy before you ask for another quilt. 🙂

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