FO Friday

This week I was able to finish two projects. I’m spending so much time sitting and waiting for my ankle to heal I’m getting a lot of knitting done.

First up, I finished a double knit trivet for my mom. She requested one, so I immediately got started (she usually only asks for finished objects). It took me a day or so to get back into the swing of double knitting, but I did enjoy it once it clicked. I don’t love working with cotton, but other than that I enjoyed this project. My phone died this week, so my photos of the project were lost. Luckily my mom sent me a picture of it in use.

I cast on and finished a Dissent Cowl (Ravelry Link). Carissa Browning writes patterns that are lots of fun to knit. I really enjoy mosaic knitting, and once I started this cowl I didn’t want to put it down.

I’m working away on my other WIPs now. I think I’m going to cast on a sweater for Elliot soon, but I would like to be a bit further along on my projects before I get started.

17 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. The trivet is so cute! I’ve never done double knitting before. I also do not like to knit with cotton. It hurts my hands. And I love your cowl. I think you wear it best. Maybe a matching sweater for your pup? Hope the ankle is healed soon!

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  2. Jamie says:

    Both look amazing. I want to like your blog as in clicking the button to like, but it never works. Yours isn’t the only one. But then I have no trouble with some others..

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